Childrens & Youths

According to Lam 4 : 4 Because of thirst the infant’s tongue
    sticks to the roof of its mouth;the children beg for bread,
    but no one gives it to them”.

In the year 2004, Sis Hema Arokiaraj was standing outside her house in a hometown Sattur. It was there she was able to locate a group of children playing at the end of street and the Spirit of God filled her heart to open her inner eyes to see Deborah’s and Esther’s among the small crowd.

The day came she started the ministry among lost children and brought them in to the light of gospel. Past many years thousands of children have been led unto Christ in Virudhunagar district. The passion for lost children kept her moving to penetrate into different districts in Tamilnadu and various states in India. Hundreds of children’s praying group(CPG) are formed recently and these emerging pillars of our nation are edified with God’s word. Thousands of children are met every Sunday regularly through a missionaries of god in many villages in Virudhunagar.

For past few years, we have started our work in reaching the uneducated left out tribal children with God’s word and basic education. Every day in the evenings we take the free tuition center

and provide these children’s eggs to maintain a good health.

Hundreds of children’s are led to Christ by missionaries in Punjab. Bro Susil , Bro Sanjay and many youths are actively participating in bringing the little ones into kingdom of God